Madrigal isn’t a permanent check on my bucket list.  This event isn’t just symbolic of Juniata’s togetherness but a tradition that post graduates continue to be apart of.  I’ve never not had a great madrigal at Juniata.  There’s something about getting all your friends together and participating in something great with having a reason to do with the whole school as well.  This year my friends and I decided to have a madrigal built on strictly friendship and hominess.  We had a madrigal well celebrated at home.  With other seniors there saying Happy Madrigal and well dressed students representing their love for this night, we had a blast talking the night away.  My roommates and I were totally against the idea of Madrigal this year, we really didn’t want anything to do with it. However after some bitter and regret we put dresses on and took pictures next to our still standing Christmas tree.  We drank wine and spent the night together, with the people we love the most which was each other.  As soon as we realized our night was going to be a dud and nobody was going to show up, I changed into sweats and a hoodie like I really do best.  However as I was cracking open my beer, a group of 50 people came to finish our night strong.  We played pong in our basement and danced in the living room until 5AM not regretting a thing.  It’s these moments that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.  I love how returning graduates come back to commemorate our school on this night as well, and everyone who did so came to our house!  I drank with my class and reminisced about the crazy time we’ve shared.  As much as it’s not over, the thoughts are starting to pour in early about us leaving.


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A Christmas in Huntingdon

   The tree is up, the lights are strung, the stocking are placed and we only put 6 mistletoes up in each room of our house!! I’m so excited to spend the holidays with my friends and Juniata family this year!  I’ve been waiting all four years of school to have a Christmas in an off-campus house with friends.  Unlike the menorah I have at home, our tree took a while to set up. We had deep deliberation of how tall, colors and placement of our tree this year.  We settled on a 6 foot tall monster in a house full of girls all under 5 feet.  As doing our college student reputation proud, we put a beer bottle as our star and lights barely flickering on are almost paid electric bill.  However what tops it off the most is the baking we’re kind of “doing.”  To get in the holiday spirit, we’re opening Weis cookies and decorating them with the definitely organic red and lime green frosting.  Our stockings are the most extravagant part of the stocking.  The inside consists of most likely post it notes, highlighters run out from finals and coupons to Johnny’s for $.50 beer night!  Doing Christmas on a budget is doable with sacrifices! However, the most important part is who’s there to laugh about it with you in the end.  I’ll be sure to write back on the crazy gifts and stories we have!

Stay Tuned!! 🙂



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Celebrate a Birthday

I came back early from my Thanksgiving break to celebrate my roommate, Siham’s birthday.  She was turning 21 and there was no way I’d miss an exciting day for her.  I flew into DC and then to Altoona where I was the only one of my flight to the tiniest airport known to man!   We spent the evening in Altoona and went to Mimi’s for dinner and made cupcakes and drank beer until we had to force ourselves to go sleep at a reasonable hour.  The next day we spent not doing homework and fixing up the house.  We scrambled to get the dishes done and do laundry.  But that night was really fun. We went to Johnny’s with other people in town and grab beers and laughed all night.  We met up with our friends Heather and Justin, Michael, Tyler, Caleb, Alex and the three of us were there.  It was really fun to kick back and not worry about anything.  The next morning we woke up to make stocking and hang mistletoes throughout our house.  I love being apart of such a great family up here.  It’s easy to have friends here and I don’t think many schools are as special as Juniata is in that regard.  I never in a million years would have missed Siham’s birthday, but it’s because they are truly my second family and that’s what Thanksgivings all about.  

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Thanksgiving Break

So for my Thanksgiving break I went home for a few days to celebrate the holiday and be with my family.  Originally I was going to stay and be with my roommates and friends here but my family needed me and I wasn’t going to leave that behind.  So I took the train Monday that took 12 hours too many and got home late that night and was there until Friday morning.  Friday was my roommate Siham’s birthday and I really wanted to be home to be there with her while she celebrated her 21st.  But for this post I want to tell you about my few days at home.  As I said earlier I got home Monday and was there until Friday morning.  Tuesday I spent the day with my Dad!! We had a Daddy Daughter day that was strongly overdue.  We went into Brookline to grab lunch at our favorite Jewish deli, went to a well known family bookstore and grabbed cookies for my Mom from her favorite bakery in town.  After I went home to play awful video games with my 16 year old brother, and later had a siblings pizza night with my sister joining us after she got out of school.  Wednesday my Mother and Sister went shopping so I could tell them all the things I wanted while I wasn’t going to be there on black friday.  We had my moms side of the family over that night for carb overload and watched TV until I met up with a childhood friend.  Thursday as we know was THANKSGIVING.  We had to do the works and keep with tradition.  So my family woke me up in just enough time to make stuffing and watch the parade with them.  We hammered rolls of Ritz crackers and tore apart bread pieces and mixed it together with pure love and washed hands.  After we watched the dog show and cuddled on the coach as we could smell the the stuffing being cooked.  Later that evening we went to my Grandparents on my Dad’s side and met up with my cousins from New Jersey.  It was really cool and exciting for all of us because I got to meet the newest addition to the family, a new baby boy and my beautiful cousin Ryan.  We stuffed out plates and plowed away at dessert soon to realize if we were to eat anymore we might explode.  I left the morning after! 🙂

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A Spontaneous Nothing

The funny thing about Juniata is what’s not exciting to others is to others.  This weekend I didn’t go out and stayed at home with my roommates.  We ordered food, opened a bottle of wine and just talked all night.  We could hear the wind and freezing cold, but we brought all out blankets and pillows downstairs and listened to music, avoiding confrontation with ugly mother nature.  It’s the times like those that I’ll remember forever.  Rather than checking something spontaneous is someone else’s mind, my way of doing something spontaneous is doing something unexpected, this was unexpected.  My roommates and are honestly disgustingly close.  I don’t know how we aren’t sick of each other yet constantly being there when we wake up, go to bed, eat, everything!  However we never really get the change to step outside school too often in our heads and mentally leave campus, but that’s what we chose to do Friday Night.  Friday was so much fun and we didn’t have to plan anything or prepare something to do.  We just did it!  We stayed in and left Juniata mentally and I couldn’t have picked a better thing to do that night.  Staying up with your friends, eating and drinking until you can’t laugh anymore are the times after graduation that I’ll remember the most.  I know this isn’t a spontaneous memory to some but I don’t think Juniata’s the same as other schools.  Knowing that Juniata is a little different and has it’s own way, yeah this is my idea of spontaneous.  Here’s to a million more!

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Ready, Set, GO!

So today was my start to bootcamp countdown.  One of the things on my bucket list is to start working out and staying healthy.  It’s about time to stop slacking and being lazy, its time to kick things into gear and get moving.  I ran today to J.C. Blair and came back around Penn Street.  After I stopped drinking all the water in my house, and gasping for air I finally felt somewhat accomplished.  I need this to be the starting mark and not the finish line.  I’m worried about not staying with it and working at this goal I’ve wanted for a while.  I totally understand that I might not have started this goal until November, but this is it, no more procrastination.  I want to like running, I want to really love it and have it make me feel better about myself.  I just don’t know how to do that.  My goal for now is to get some kind of exercise everyday.  Now that things are getting crazy in the semester I want to focus my energy into a stress relief that’s healthy and productive.  I used to do soccer in High School and was in fantastic shape.  The self drive I had for that is what I’m aiming to get from working out this semester.  So fingers crosses, and I’ll keep you posted on all the hard attacks from running I’ll get!!

Stay Tuned!!

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Take me to the Cliffs!!

Everyone that belongs to Juniata knows about the cliffs! They’re a huge addition to the Huntingdon community as well as staple for college students. I have a lot of memories when it comes to the cliffs. I started JC with the outdoors inbound, hiking to the cliffs and making a fire and sores. I figure because I started Juniata with the cliffs I might as well end with it and put it on my bucket list as another “must do” before I leave. I think you do college right if you come full circle. In regards to friends, classes and everything else our Juniata community provides, I think we’re successful after we’ve finished what we started. And starting with the cliffs made me feel that it was an important addition to my bucket list.

This weekend my roommates and I went to the cliffs to make smores and take pictures before the trees are filled with snow. We went to the cliffs everyone knows about as well as the big cliffs further away from campus. It was great to get away and see perspective of the outdoors after being bombarded my midterms and fall break plans. Sometimes getting away gives you the time you need to rethink things. Lately the stress of graduating and future plans has been on my mind. It’s hard to believe we’re in the home stretch of our fall semester and caps and gowns are on the horizon. I know what I have to focus on and where my head should be. Being a communications major, and talking with friends always helps me get that much further.


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