A Christmas in Huntingdon

   The tree is up, the lights are strung, the stocking are placed and we only put 6 mistletoes up in each room of our house!! I’m so excited to spend the holidays with my friends and Juniata family this year!  I’ve been waiting all four years of school to have a Christmas in an off-campus house with friends.  Unlike the menorah I have at home, our tree took a while to set up. We had deep deliberation of how tall, colors and placement of our tree this year.  We settled on a 6 foot tall monster in a house full of girls all under 5 feet.  As doing our college student reputation proud, we put a beer bottle as our star and lights barely flickering on are almost paid electric bill.  However what tops it off the most is the baking we’re kind of “doing.”  To get in the holiday spirit, we’re opening Weis cookies and decorating them with the definitely organic red and lime green frosting.  Our stockings are the most extravagant part of the stocking.  The inside consists of most likely post it notes, highlighters run out from finals and coupons to Johnny’s for $.50 beer night!  Doing Christmas on a budget is doable with sacrifices! However, the most important part is who’s there to laugh about it with you in the end.  I’ll be sure to write back on the crazy gifts and stories we have!

Stay Tuned!! 🙂



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